User Agreement

These Terms of Use are an unofficial translation. The original is the German version. In case of difference in wording or content it is the German version which will be applicable.

1. General Terms

ADAM is a distribution and collaboration platform for education, but can also be used for research and administration.

ADAM is not an archive nor backup tool. The university is in no case responsible for lost data or other damages resulting from data loss.

ADAM is only to be used for university purposes at the University of Basel. The IT-Services reserve the right for random sampling about the correct use of this service. These samplings can occur at any time and will be done without prior notice to the workspace manager. Documents, which are uploaded to ADAM and contain illegal content, can be deleted by the IT-Services.

If an employee leaves the university his right of an account at the University of Basel is terminated and with this also his account and workspaces on ADAM.

Workspaces without an active workspace manager are automatically deleted. It is the responsibility of the workspace manager to authorize others as workspace managers if the workspace shall exist after his/her leaving.

2. Available Space

Every user has an amount of 5 Gigabyte space for his data on ADAM. If an account reaches 80% of their limit, the owner will receive a monthly e-mail with the amount of used space. By a written justified request, a user can get more space.

3. Copyright

Data distributing via ADAM has to occur in the borders of the applicable law. In particular it is the sole responsibility of every user to provide for copyrights and privacy rights.

All rights of the content are reserved for the author or named third persons. Every user has the right to use content, shared with him through ADAM, for personal and non-commercial purposes.

IT-Services are under no circumstances responsible for any content, nor have the IT-Services the responsibility to control these contents.

By using ADAM you also agree to following terms:

4. Use of ADAM

The use of ADAM is at your own risk. The University of Basel is not liable for any damages which may occur by using ADAM. Content from ADAM may provide links to other internet sites or resources. Because the University of Basel has no control over such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that University of Basel is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.

Generell Information like name, surname and e-mail address are visible to all users.

Sensible data should only be used as encrypted files within hidden restricted workspaces.

5. Functionality and Availability of ADAM

The IT-Services reserve the right to change the system, add or remove functions or alter the design at any time.

ADAM is an open source tool developed by the University of Cologne and is based on the open source Ilias system and therefore has no official manufacturer. The IT-Services do not guarantee a constant availability of the software or its functions. Users are responsible to back up their data on an independent system.

Also IT-Services do not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the service. IT-Services will try their best to prevent interruption of the service and will, if possible, inform their users about outages.

6. Change of these Terms

Terms of use can be changed by the IT-Services without any prior notice. Changes will be displayed to the user with their next login.