Welcome to the learning platform ADAM (ILIAS)

ADAM is the learning platform of the University of Basel and is based on the learning management system ILIAS. ADAM is used to offer or support teaching events at all levels of study  (bachelor, master, doctorate, continuing education and advanced training).
Employees and students of the University of Basel automatically receive an ADAM account. All other users please read in our FAQs how to get an ADAM account.
There are the following log in options:
AAI-Login (via SWITCH edu-ID for the University of Basel)
This login option is for all members of Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences as well as for members of other organizations that are also connected to the SWITCHaai network and have a corresponding AAI account. As a member of the University of Basel, you select 'University of Basel' when logging in to the AAI. You will then be redirected to the SWITCH edu-ID login page.
non-AAI-Login (local ADAM accounts)
This log in option is for all other persons who do not have an AAI-Account like private persons or companies.
Public courses
All public courses that exist in ADAM can be accessed without login here.

Login to ILIAS via SWITCH edu-ID

To log in via SWITCH edu-ID, please click on the login button and choose your organization of the following page.
If you have questions concerning this, please contact the ServiceDesk .

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